About Us

The Department of Chemical Engineering

Queen's Chemical Engineering is an award-winning department in both research and teaching, reflecting the dedication in the Department to achieve the highest standard of research and teaching. The two undergraduate programs of study offered by the Department of Chemical Engineering have each been in existence for more than 100 years, making them amongst the oldest programs of Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry (formerly Industrial Chemistry), in Canada and North America. The graduate program followed shortly after and has now been in existence for close to 100 years.


The Department of Chemical Engineering provides internationally recognized leadership in education and research at the interface of science and engineering, anticipates the needs of our students and society as a whole, and contributes to responsible solutions for future generations.


The Department of Chemical Engineering is nationally recognized as one of the top 3 research departments in Canada and internationally acknowledged as a leading department in North America. The following components are in place:

  1. Innovative learning environment provided by a range of recognized professionals (TEAM, communication, economics, laboratories, design).
  2. The best students come here: We attract the best undergraduate and graduate students from across Canada and our students are recognized widely.
  3. Extraordinary educational experience. CE graduates find a broad, interactive, diverse educational experience at Queen's - "wow, we had a great experience'.
  4. Best in class faculty who are developing their own skills, who are outstanding teachers and who are internationally recognized and often invited to give talks at leading conferences.
  5. Tangible research output with technology generation and transfer to industry. Well established spin-off companies based on Departmental technology.
  6. State of the art facilities and equipment: We have clean and organized research labs with high-quality and well-maintained equipment as well as ongoing technical support staff.
  7. Multidisciplinary partnerships coming from strong international collaborations and research exchanges.
  8. Diverse student population. There is a large number of female and other minority students and faculty compared with other engineering areas.
  9. Strong funding base: Companies and granting agencies want to fund our programmes.


Undergraduate enrolment in Chemical Engineering is very strong averaging 100 students per year in each year with second and third year classes actually surpassing 100 students. Engineering Chemistry enrolment is averaging 30+ students per year. Combined, the department has close to 400 undergraduate students in years 2-4 of the programs. The total number of students in all programs of Applied Science in years 2-4 is approximately 1800 students. Roughly 22% of undergraduate students in Applied Science years 2-4 are in programs offered by the Department of Chemical Engineering.