CHEE 901: Principles and Applications of Polymer Rheology

Course Description

Not offered in 2015-2016

Course Description

Principles of rheology of thermoplastic melts, viscoelasticity and constitutive equations. Viscometry and the role of rheology in processing. Specific topics, such as rheology of polymer blends and composites, etc. will be covered depending on student interest.


Rheology provides a valuable tool for the assessment of the processability of polymers in various operations, as well as the identification of their structure. This course will discuss the fundamental relations between the rheology and structure of polymers and the principles of rheometry.


1. Introduction to polymer processing

2. Introduction to rheology

3. Stress and Strain tensors / Basic Material Functions

4. Viscoelasticity of polymers

5. Rheometry

6. Modeling of polymer flow

7. Constitutive equations

8. Rheology of polymer blends and composites

Course notes will be available through the Moodle CHEE 901 site. There is no required textbook; a list of reference texts, which will be on reserve in the library, will be provided.


Assignments involving analysis and commentary of scientific publications distributed in class (25%)

Oral presentations on selected topics (25%)

Take home exam at the end of the module (50%)


A prior introductory course in polymer science and engineering. Consultation with the instructor prior to registering for the course is advised.