Academic Integrity

Engineers have a duty to:

  • act at all times with devotion to the high ideals of personal honour and professional integrity
  • give proper credit for engineering work

Professional Engineers Ontario Code of Ethics, Section 77 of the O. Reg. 941

The quote above describes the standard of behaviour expected of professional engineers. As engineering students, you have made a decision to join us in the profession of engineering, a long-respected profession with high standards of behaviour.

As future engineers, we expect you to behave with integrity at all times. Our policies do not prohibit you from collaborating, even closely, with fellow students in any class. Indeed, we strongly encourage collaboration and teamwork, when conducted responsibly. We have, however, set firm guidelines on the quality of submitted work and have taken a strong stand against plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty. Briefly stated, we expect that submitted work bears the name of all those contributing to it, and that you do not allow others to copy your work.

Should a student’s submitted work be suspected of containing evidence of academic dishonesty, action shall be taken, as required by the Faculty of Applied Science policy on academic integrity.

Additional information on the University’s policies concerning academic dishonesty can be found on the Queen’s website. All students are expected to familiarize themselves with these policies and to conduct themselves accordingly.

  1. Senate Policy on Academic Dishonesty
  2. Procedures for dealing with departures from academic integrity in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
  3. Queen's Code of Conduct